updates The latest mind map updates on en-us Mon, Jan 2017 00:00:01 PST Sun, Jan 2017 16:37:17 PST internal RSS generator sistema mexicano 2017-01-19 sistema sistema 2017-01-19 #MapSommaire : Mind Map, Dessine-Moi L’intelligence Apprenez à mieux organiser vos idées avec une mind map. Les "Guides Buzan" rassemblent l'essentiel de la pensée et des découvertes de Tony et Barry Buzan. Le lien : 2017-01-18 family tree family tree map "the Simpsons" 2017-01-17 eSocial eSocial 2017-01-16 #MapSommaire : La boite à outils du Mind Mapping Comment présenter et organiser vos idées avec le mind mapping ? Comment construire une carte mentale ? Découvrez 72 outils de mind mapping. Lien > 2017-01-06 양식 양식입니다. 2016-12-26 Knowledge Mappers Map Catalogue (December 2016) Catalogue of all products and services offered by, a MindManager International Value-Added Partner, in the form of a MindManager map. 2016-12-19 Yearly Planner Easy to use yearly planner. Nice to use with the Outlook sync under the Advanced tab. Per default set with montly topics such as: Dates, Attentions, Decisions and Questions with Roll Up Task Pane. Enjoy //Joel Averheim @Mindjet 2016-12-05 Account Management Map Good base to start building your Account Management map. The map is set to act as a dash board holding the most crucial account information. The map is set with Calculation formulas for Account Value, Open offers, number of Licenses (or whatever you want to count in your accounts). You can also track your renewal dates and set a To Do list with the status visualized in a role up tasks bar. Hope you like it! BR Joel Averheim @Mindjet 2016-12-05